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Gull Pest Control & Seagull Control DevicesMost people find birds pleasant. However, they can present serious problems if their numbers aren’t controlled

Seagulls can become a real nuisance for a business and there are a number of problems caused by gulls, that mean you should adopt bird control measures sooner rather than later. Seagulls can be a health hazard, by spreading diseases such as Ornithosis, E.Coli and Salmonella.

They can also deface and damage buildings and vehicles with their droppings. Their droppings can become a slip hazard for employees, customers and members of the public. Their nesting material and feathers can harbour other insect pests such as bird mites, textile beetles and fleas. These can lead to secondary infestations.

Seagulls are also known to attack customers and employees, especially during the breeding season when they are defending their young and trying to feed them.

Our technicians are experienced in dealing with pest birds. We use discreet, cost-effective methods of bird control that won’t harm the birds or disrupt your business.

It is important to note that it is illegal to interfere with or disturb nesting birds, and extreme caution should be exercised in dealing with any birds. Speak to the experts first.

In this recent case study, we demonstrate how and why we advocate bird-proofing solar panels. Our customer encountered roosting and nesting pigeons beneath their panels, resulting in gutters blocked with guano and noisy bird neighbours! To address this issue, our expert team conducted an assessment and devised a cost-effective and efficient solution to prevent future pigeon nesting. Read more here.


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