Electronic Rodent Traps & GPS Monitoring

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Electronic Rodent Traps & GPS Remote Monitoring SystemsKeep your business premises rodent free and your reputation intact with our electronic, GPS enabled rodent traps and monitoring

  • No dangerous poison required
  • More humane than poisoning
  • Instant trip notifications
  • Prevents undiscovered dead rodents from causing nasty smells and fly infestations

We all know that rodent infestations are never good for business. They can cause major risks to public health, operational issues, damage to buildings, contamination of stock, and a rodent infestation can damage a business' reputation irreversibly. This is especially the case in the food and hospitality sectors, where the implications of a rodent problem can even result in a business being closed down by Environmental Health.

Electronic GPS-Enabled Rodent Traps with Remote Monitoring

Get the latest in pest control technology with electronic, monitored GPS rodent traps systems from Abate Pest Management. Our GPS electronic rodent traps with remote monitoring provides a new level of efficiency and precision to pest management, allowing our experienced pest controllers to pinpoint the exact location of each trap.

Electronic rodent trapping and monitoring is ideal for many sectors, including:

If you need help with rodent traps and remote monitoring in in Norfolk, London, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Kent and the wider South East area, our Field Biologist or Technical Specialist would be pleased to help.

Abate is a member of the British Pest Control Association.  All pest control technicians are DBS checked.

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The Issues with Traditional Rodent Control Methods

Traditional rodent control methods include rodent bait boxes for use with poison, glue traps and spring action traps. Whilst these methods are proven to work, they do come with a number of downsides.

When a business has traps dotted around the building, often in places out of sight, there is a danger that when rodents die, they may not be found for a period of time afterwards. This is especially true when using poison, as it doesn't kill them instantly, meaning they may die somewhere other than the spot where the poison has been left. As a result, the bodies of dead rodents are frequently only located after they have started to decompose and are causing a nasty smell, or are attracting flies, which is never good for business!
Using poisons in public spaces can also lead to environmental and public health concerns, and both poisoning and glue traps are likely to cause a prolonged and unpleasant death for the rodent.

Why Choose Electronic GPS Rodent Traps with Remote Monitoring?

Choosing our Electronic GPS Rodent Traps with Remote Monitoring presents a cutting-edge solution for modern pest control challenges. These innovative traps leverage advanced GPS technology to provide real-time tracking of rodent movements, identifying high-activity zones and behaviour patterns, which enables a more precise and strategic approach to pest management and trapping efforts.

The added advantage of remote monitoring not only saves time but also prioritises safety by reducing human contact with trapped rodents. This integrated technology not only streamlines pest control practices but also contributes to a safer and more effective approach, making it a valuable choice for those seeking an advanced and proactive solution to rodent infestations.

Key features of electronic GPS rodent traps include:

  • Smart Pest Management: Our electronic rodent traps integrate smart technology for intelligent pest control that targets rodents precisely where and when they're active.
  • Wireless Trap Monitoring: Through wireless connectivity, our pest controllers can remotely monitor the status of each trap, with real-time updates and alerts, allowing us to act promptly and effectively.
  • GPS-Enabled Traps: GPS technology is used to precisely locate traps. This helps us with strategic trap placement and improve the overall efficiency of your pest control strategy.
  • Remote Pest Detection: Our remote monitoring system lets our team detect pest activity without the need for constant on-site inspections.
  • Enhanced Rodent Control: With our electronic rodent traps, we will have accurate data on rodent movements, enabling targeted interventions and reducing the likelihood of infestations.

What are the Benefits of Electronic Rodent Traps with Remote Monitoring?

Utilising electronic rodent traps is a more environmentally friendly and humane way of dispatching rodents, than poison and glue traps. Embedded with a GPS system, these traps trigger instant notifications to our pest controllers upon activation. These notifications not only specify the triggered trap but also indicate the presence of a rodent or accidental activation. This functionality enables us to promptly dispatch a pest control technician for site assessment, rodent removal, trap reset, and prevention of decomposition-related problems.

Efficiency: Save time and resources with real-time data on trap status and pest activity, allowing you to focus efforts where they matter most.

Precision: GPS-enabled traps ensure you're hitting the right spots. No more blindly placing traps and hoping for the best.

Proactivity: Stay one step ahead of pests. Receive alerts when traps are triggered, enabling swift response and preventing potential infestations.

Sustainability: By minimising the need for chemical treatments, our smart pest management approach aligns with eco-friendly practices.

Data-Driven Insights: Analyse trends and patterns in pest activity over time. Make informed decisions backed by data for more effective pest control strategies.

Electronic traps are understandably more expensive than traditional traps and bait boxes, however the benefits greatly outweigh the costs for many businesses.

Why Choose Abate Pest Management’s Electronic GPS Rodent Trap Monitoring System?

At abate, we're committed to revolutionising pest control. Our electronic rodent traps with remote monitoring provide the ultimate solution for modern businesses and homeowners seeking efficient, precise, and sustainable pest management. Embrace the future of rodent control today by integrating cutting-edge technology into your pest management strategy. Experience the difference of smart pest management with Abate Pest Management.

Contact us for further information on our GPS-enabled rodent traps and electronic remote trap monitoring systems. Our dedicated Field Biologists and Technical Specialists are here to assist you.

Technical Specifications

Mouse Traps in Norwich from Abate Pest Management


Weight: 77g

Size: 97.3 x 46.9 x 58 mm

Antenna: Integrated

LED: 1x RGB, integrated

Batteries: 2x CR2032

Waterproof Rating: IP67

Operating Temperature: 0 to 55℃


Rat Traps in Norwich from Abate Pest Management


Weight: 201g

Size: 138.9 x 75.8 x 67 mm

Antenna: Integrated

LED: 1x RGB, integrated

Batteries: 3x CR2032

Waterproof Rating: IP67

Operating Temperature: 0 to 55℃



The Motion Sensor can be used either in a bait station or a multi-catch device, to alert you when there is activity in the box. The sensor can also be used in hidden spaces, such as drop ceilings. By using this device, dead areas are easily monitored. Where there are bait-shy rodents, the sensor will detect their movement and enhance your current service provision.

Private Lorawan Network in Norwich from Abate Pest Management


The monitoring system works via a preconfigured gateway for indoor use (LAN/LTE), which uses a private LoRaWAN network.

The gateway is easy to set up and just requires an internet connection, using either ethernet, or you can activate the preinstalled SIM-card for use on a 4G internet connection.

FAQs About Monitored Electronic GPS-Enabled Rodent Traps