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Property ServicesOften Referred To As Soft Services

We have been working with a number of Facility Managers (both hard and soft services) over many years and have built some great working relationships.

We offer a very fast response time – we know you will be under pressure and that your client wants the problem solved quickly.

We offer same day digital reporting to include photographs, meaning you can forward to your own clients quickly and efficiently.

There isn’t much we haven’t done or got experience in, as we have been intimately involved in managing property for years, of every conceivable type too.

If we don’t offer the solution you need, the chances are we will know who to turn to as we have been operating in this space for over 30 years, building connections along the way.

The upshot being, if you have something that needs doing and not sure where to turn, give us a call or drop us an email – we will help if we can, and get back to you quickly too.

Typical jobs we regularly undertake include:

House Clearances and Cleaning

in extreme cases, occasionally a house or flat has to be completely emptied, normally to either eradicate a persistent pest problem or due to underlying hygiene reasons.

Often any resident involved would be considered vulnerable, and therefore the situation and circumstances need to be handled with great care, to make sure their needs are catered for and respected. Our staff are trained in Safeguarding awareness and understand their responsibilities.

Sadly sometimes a house or flat needs to be cleared as the resident has died in the premises, and not been discovered for an extended period, at which point there’s no alternative other than to totally empty the property.

Working alongside Housing Associations and landlords, we are used to tackling these jobs, with a specialist team that are very experienced in what to do and what’s expected.

This involves arranging for any waste to be securely transported, normally via skips or if that’s not possible due to parking restrictions (not uncommon in large cities such as London), we use our own vehicles and waste carrier licence.

Our staff will wear full PPE to include body suits and respirators, thereby keeping them safe.

We will work alongside and liaise with any removal company involved in the job, as sometimes salvageable and personal items need to be removed prior to any clearance.

If the property is being emptied due to a persistent pest problem, once cleared we use our in-house maintenance team to fully proof the property. An empty property is much easier to proof to prevent any rodents or pests gaining easy access, thereby helping not only the individual property, but those surrounding it also.

Jet Washing Bowser

A valuable addition to the Abate offering, is a mobile high powered water bowser. Especially useful to clean any heavy build of up bird guano which we sometimes encounter in our bird proofing work.

Our bower operates at up 3000psi which means it can tackle even the hardest most persistent problem.

It has its own large water tank, and independent power supply, which means it can tackle jobs that are remote and without any power or water supplies.

We have used the bowser to tackle numerous jobs, to include some which you might not expect, such as:

  • Cleaning helipads to prevent any build up of mould, lichen, bird mess and spillages, thereby keeping the pads clean and safe.
  • Docksides – where seagulls can make a real mess, and the build up of guano is not only unpleasant but a health hazard too.
  • Graffiti removal – always unsightly but time consuming to remove manually, whereas our bowser makes it easy and hence cost effective too.
  • Drainage systems – we have used to jet wash Aco type systems, keeping public areas clean and surface water running freely.
  • Car parks – especially if bird guano has been allowed to build, then our bowser cleans everything quickly and efficiently.

Gutters on Commercial Buildings

Blocked gutters and valleys in commercial buildings represent a major flood risk, and cause problems every year. Especially true if seagulls and pigeons use any roof space to build nests, as the nesting material is very easily dislodged (as the nests themselves are not robust) in poor weather, and hence is easily washed into gutters and downpipes, causing blockages.

Cleaning Plant Rooms

We undertake cleaning of any water tank/air con units/power rooms that have been inadvertently accessed by birds, especially pigeons. They normally access through a broken door or hatch, and find these rooms are great places to roost and nest – creating a lot of bird mess and guano in the process. Often the first time the damage is discovered, is when an engineer arrives on site to service the units, and if the guano build up is significant, for health & safety reasons they won’t be able to do their job.

We can clean these rooms – removing the built up bird mess and guano, dispose of it all using our waste carrier licence, spray liberal amounts of biocide to sterilise the area, leaving it safe and hygienic for any engineer to be able to service the equipment.

Dead Animal Removal

As you would expect, we are not squeamish and hence if you need a animal carcass removed, then we can help. We use a network of pet crematoriums where the body will be safely and hygienically disposed of.