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Squirrel Pest ControlIf you have squirrels in your loft space and need help removing them, Abate can help

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Abate receives lots of calls about nuisance squirrel control every year, as they can cause a number of problems for home and business owners if they find their way into loft spaces.

Grey squirrels can cause damage when they enter roof spaces of houses and commercial buildings by doing the following:

  • Chewing on wood and ceilings
  • Destroying items being stored in the loft
  • Making a mess of fibreglass insulation
  • Contaminating cold water tanks with urine and droppings
  • Removing insulation from electrical wires

Having squirrels in the loft at night can also lead to sleep issues due to the loud noises that they make running around your loft and gnawing at things in the early hours, as they are usually most active 4-5 hours before daybreak.

As well as physical damage and noise issues, just like rats and mice, squirrels can also cause serious contamination and spread diseases.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in the Loft in the UK

Grey squirrels are an invasive pest species and the UK Forestry Commission estimates that they cause £6-10 million damage to British forestry per year. This means that it is against the law to re-release a grey squirrel in the UK if it’s been caught in a live trap, as per the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

There are various squirrel trapping methods that can be used for grey squirrel control in the UK, such as a warfarin-based poison, but this particular poison can only be used by professional pest technicians, such as Abate, so hiring a professional is always recommended.

Once any squirrels have been removed from the roof space, blocking up entry points and gaps with wire mesh and cutting back tree branches that give them easy access to roofs is essential to prevent squirrels from entering roof spaces again in the future.


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