Squatter Clearing & Cleaning

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House Clearances and CleaningIn extreme cases, occasionally a house or flat has to be completely emptied, normally to either eradicate a persistent pest problem or due to underlying hygiene reasons.

Often any resident involved would be considered vulnerable, and therefore the situation and circumstances need to be handled with great care, to make sure their needs are catered for and respected. Our staff are trained in Safeguarding awareness and understand their responsibilities.

Sadly sometimes a house or flat needs to be cleared as the resident has died in the premises, and not been discovered for an extended period, at which point there’s no alternative other than to totally empty the property.

Working alongside Housing Associations and landlords, we are used to tackling these jobs, with a specialist team that are very experienced in what to do and what’s expected.

This involves arranging for any waste to be securely transported, normally via skips or if that’s not possible due to parking restrictions (not uncommon in large cities such as London), we use our own vehicles and waste carrier licence.

Our staff will wear full PPE to include body suits and respirators, thereby keeping them safe.

We will work alongside and liaise with any removal company involved in the job, as sometimes salvageable and personal items need to be removed prior to any clearance.

If the property is being emptied due to a persistent pest problem, once cleared we use our in-house maintenance team to fully proof the property. An empty property is much easier to proof to prevent any rodents or pests gaining easy access, thereby helping not only the individual property, but those surrounding it also.

Contaminated Waste Management

We offer a service where we carry out hazardous cleaning and contaminated waste removal from various situations that you may encounter.  The types of problems you may come across are squats, tenant evictions, hoarders, contaminated loft insulation, rodent droppings and pigeon guano.  We at Abate offer the services where we send in our specialist teams to deal with such situations and carry out the cleaning relevant to the job in hand.



  • Cleaning and clearing up after squatters or vandals
  • Void property clearance and cleaning of filthy houses
  • Clearing and cleaning up after expired or evicted tenancy agreements
  • Clearing and cleaning up at hoarders’ properties
  • Removal of discarded sharps and syringes
  • Pest infestation control and cleaning
  • Clearing and cleaning of bird or other animal matter



  • We have gained the ISO 9001 Quality Standard for our service operations
  • We have ISO 14001, which is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system
  • We also have the ISO 45001 Certification, for Occupational Health & Safety Management
  • We are CHAS accredited and a SafeContractor – Putting health and safety competence first