Why You Should Always Bird Proof Your Solar Panels

Solar panels are an excellent investment for any business, reducing your carbon footprint and helping you reach corporate sustainability goals. However, these delicate installations can be damaged over time by nesting birds causing electrical faults and even fires, as Bristol art and science museum We The Curious experienced recently.

At Abate Pest Management, we offer comprehensive bird proofing services for your solar panels to help prevent damage and protect your investment. Our experienced team of technicians have put together the below guide to protect your solar panels from damage and maintain optimum efficiency long-term.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing - Reduce Noise and Mess

Solar panels provide the perfect sheltered environment for pigeons and gulls to nest, which is ideal for the birds, but not so great for the solar panels. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ often applies to solar panels, meaning that damage can often go unnoticed for a long period of time.

A good indication that birds have begun nesting beneath your solar panels includes scratching sounds and increased bird droppings (guano) around your building. If you notice these, it might be worth checking your solar panels or choosing a professional solar panel proofing company such as Abate to check your installation for you.

Increase Your Solar Panel’s Efficiency with Bird Proofing

There are several enemies to solar panel efficiency, with shade being one of the most common. Shading, caused by a shadow being cast over your solar panels, can reduce efficiency by up to 40%, causing you to lose large amounts of the potential solar generation.

When birds nest underneath your solar panels, the amount of guano increases substantially, which can have the same effect on your panels as shade. Large amounts of guano covering your panels prevents the sunlight from reaching the solar cells, minimising their efficiency.

By implementing solar panel proofing measures such as netting and spike systems, you can increase your solar panel’s efficiency and get the most out of your investment. Through a professional bird proofing company such as Abate, you can rest assured that your panels will be protected from damage by birds.

Prevent Permanent Damage From Bird Guano

Guano is very acidic, and over time can cause corrosion to solar panels and their wiring. Alongside the risk of birds pecking through wires, there is a very tangible risk of electric faults which could even lead to a fire. Recently, damage to solar panels caused nesting birds resulted in a fire which badly damaged the roof of We The Curious in Bristol. The art and science museum is now temporarily closed – potentially for several months – to repair the damage caused by the blaze.

To avoid business downtime and permanent damage to your premises, we recommend finding a professional bird proofing company like Abate Pest Management to install precautionary bird proofing measures.

About our Bird Proofing Services

Abate Pest Management Services is a bird control expert, providing effective solutions for a range of industries throughout the UK.

From lasers to spikes and netting, we have a range of products and services that we can use to help deter birds from damaging solar panels on your property.

All the staff who are assigned to solar panel bird proofing projects are IPAF trained, for working at heights and for operating power access equipment. They are also PASMA trained, for scaffold tower and AGR (Advanced Guard Rail) systems.

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