What Sets Us Apart

  • We are a medium sized company - you can speak to the MD if you want

  • BPCA-member-logo-grey

    We are a member of the BPCA and all of our technicians are fully trained and certified

  • Our technicians can take as long as they need to do each job

About Abate Pest ManagementWhat Sets Us Apart

Every company likes to think they are different, but merely saying so doesn’t make it true!

Therefore, here’s what we think makes us stand apart.

Our Origins & Accreditations

We have always behaved as a ‘larger’ business from our inception, way back in 1999, investing heavily in processes.  As we now have a head count of over 30, these processes have paid enormous dividends, allowing us to run a highly efficient company.

We are proud of our processes, hence work to triple ISO standards, accredited by UKAS.

We take Health & Safety extremely seriously, as the safety of our staff is paramount, plus we recognise the collective responsibility we share when we are working on your sites. Hence we are registered with CHAS, Safecontractor and Constructionline. Our head of technical is NEBOSH trained, demonstrating our commitment to safety.

As lone workers, our technicians have tracked vans and mobiles to ensure their safety. They are invited onto our quarterly H & S working party reviews. We use a digital notification system to make reporting any H & S concerns exceptionally easy, and these are then reviewed at our monthly team meetings.

Our People

We have an admin to technician ratio of 2:1 – this means we can offer a high level of administrative support, recognising that commercial pest control is very much about audit trails.  We know how important this is to commercial customers.

Most of our technicians have come to us from working with much larger national companies, where they have been excellently trained, but became disillusioned. The common reason being they were never given enough time to do their jobs properly and were always under time constraints and monitored very closely. For professional technicians with a sense of pride in their work, this is very frustrating.

We operate on a very different premise – we give our technicians time to do the job properly, especially in the early days of new contracts.

It makes complete commercial sense for us to do so – let us explain why.

We obviously work to agreed specifications with any customer, but what kills our profitability are call outs – namely work we have to do outside of the normal, agreed visits, when something hasn’t gone to plan.

We know through experience, that if we get a site into tip top condition, by spending as much time as it takes to get it to this level, then the numbers of call outs we will get is dramatically reduced.

We will still get them of course, which is fine as part and parcel of pest control, but the numbers are dramatically reduced. Meaning everybody wins.

Our Training & Professional Development

There’s no substitute for experience – its takes years to become fully proficient as a technician, as pests are very resourceful. Let’s face it, pests have been around for millions of years and are brilliant at adapting to the environment we have created.

Collectively, we have in excess of over 200 years direct pest control experience…. what this means is we have probably seen and worked with whatever problem you are likely to face.

Different technicians specialise in different areas, depending on where their interest lie – this includes bee keeping, hawking, some love insects, others bird proofing, some even love surveying drains.

However we still take time out every month to meet as a team, share experiences and knowledge and keep our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) up to date. Training is never finished as there’s always more to learn, plus the legislative environment we work in is constantly changing.

We actively encourage our technicians to undertake further training and study – in the first six months of 2023 alone, we have 7 external courses booked to enhance our skill sets.

Our Technologies & Specialisms

We have embraced the use of technology – our technicians use digital reporting, which means you get up to date and accurate reports very quickly. We have an online portal for those customers who want it, giving 24/7 access to whatever information they require.

We were an early adopter of the use of digital traps, which have significant advantages in certain situations and can work very well. This side of the business is expanding rapidly, and we are well equipped to advise on the growing number of solutions on the market.

We are one of the few companies able to recommend using freezing to control textile/clothes moths and even bedbugs, using our purpose built freezer trailer. 

We do a lot of soft services work, to include house of grime clearances, working with vulnerable tenants, cleaning gutters, and jet washing using our powered bowser.

We do bird work every single week, meaning we have extensive experience and a highly skilled team able to tackle the everyday, plus the more unusual problems – this has included a nuclear power station, water towers, walkways, universities.

We offer training to a number of external organisations interested in helping their staff understand more about pest control – especially useful for Housing Associations looking to support their tenants. This has been delivered both face to face and remotely.

Few of us like to blow our own trumpet, as it feels like boasting. But we do think we are different, with a truly comprehensive offering.