How Not to Proof for Seagulls – Why it Pays to Use a Specialist.

Seagull Control

In view of our experience with all aspects of bird proofing, we were asked for our opinion about a proofing job completed about 4 years ago by another contractor. In total 3 substantial buildings, one with an exceptionally large flat roof, which had been netted to prevent seagulls landing and nesting. A coastal location in…

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Why You Should Always Bird Proof Your Solar Panels

bird proofing

Solar panels are an excellent investment for any business, reducing your carbon footprint and helping you reach corporate sustainability goals. However, these delicate installations can be damaged over time by nesting birds causing electrical faults and even fires, as Bristol art and science museum We The Curious experienced recently. At Abate Pest Management, we offer…

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The Advantages of Using Bird Netting

Are you finding birds to be a nuisance at your business premises?  Whether it’s disrupting business staff and visitors, creating damage to your property or simply the mess that they leave behind, bird netting can be the perfect solution to the problem. Bird netting is set up to prevent birds from reaching certain areas, encouraging…

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