Why Paperwork is Key to a Good BRC Pest Control Audit Score

BRC Pest Control

BRC Accreditted Business If your business is BRC accredited, or you are currently working towards BRC accreditation, you will most likely already know that comprehensive pest control is an important element of the award criteria.To achieve initial BRC accreditation and maintain it going forward, your business and premises will be subject to regular compliance audits…

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Why Should You Invest in a Pest Control Contract?

Start a conversation with someone about pest control and immediately most would refer to rat catchers! In contrast, the UK market size for pest control continues to grow with an estimated value of over £400m per annum. It does include rats and mice, but it also includes many other areas which many people wouldn’t think about.…

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Pest Control Company near you

BRC accreditation in pest control

A pest problem at your premises can damage the reputation of your business – possibly forever. News travels fast today via social media pages and review sites, and bad news always seems to travel faster than good. That means rats or cockroaches spotted in the vicinity of a restaurant or fast food outlet, could result…

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