5 Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Pest Control Company near you

A pest problem at your premises can damage the reputation of your business – possibly forever. News travels fast today via social media pages and review sites, and bad news always seems to travel faster than good. That means rats or cockroaches spotted in the vicinity of a restaurant or fast food outlet, could result in a massive and irreparable drop in business in the following days.

And it’s not just locations where food is served or sold that need pest control. Car showrooms and industrial units often have a problem with pigeons – and seagulls if they’re close to the coast. Warehouses, packaging and storage facilities, along with shops and offices all need to be kept free of pests such as rats, mice, ants and wasps. Hotels, B&B’s, and Care Homes can easily become infested with bedbugs or other nasties if the business owners aren’t vigilant. Any infestation could result in a hefty fine at least, and in some cases see the unfortunate business – and its profits – come to a grinding halt.

Act Quickly

If you’ve just become aware of a pest issue at your business, that’s an emergency and you need to act fast. Call an expert now and let them deal with the situation before your Google or Trip Advisor reviews start taking a hammering. However, prevention is always preferable to cure, and partnering with a reputable local pest control company on a regular basis will keep your business pest free and your reputation intact.

Commercial Pest Control Contracts

An ongoing commercial pest control contract means a qualified local expert will make regular visits to your business, putting preventative pest control measures in place, and checking for any signs of pests. This is the best way forward for any business, as it’s the only way a business owner can guarantee adequate safeguarding against all types of pest at their premises. There’ll be no more guessing, and no more unqualified or sloppy checks by staff – you just leave it to the experts and enjoy the peace of mind that goes with it.

Choosing the Right Company

There are a lot of pest control companies on the web, and unless you know someone or have a personal recommendation, it can be tough to know which one to choose. Here are some factors you should look for when choosing a pest control company.

  1. What experience do they have? A quick Google search will show a myriad of websites telling people how they can start their own pest control business – but is that the sort of company you want to partner with? Pest control is a complicated business and lots of specialist knowledge is needed, so we’d recommend you look for a company that’s been around for a while and still has an excellent reputation. Look for awards and accreditations, look for experience, look for excellence.
  2. Do they have Industry Accreditations? Does the company you’re looking at have any industry affiliations and accreditations? Are they members of the British Pest Control Association? Do they have ISO certifications? Any Health & Safety affiliations? All these things are a sign that you’re dealing with a company that takes its business seriously, and is on a search for continuous improvement. That’s the type of company you should be working with.
  3. Can they do what you want them to do? Some pest control companies may not deal with all types of pests, but only specialise in a certain few. If you have a bedbug infestation, or a rat problem, or moles, for example, you obviously need to call a company that can take care of your needs. Tell them what your problem is, and make sure they can deal with it.
  4. Where’s the Proof? These days social proof is everything as we mentioned earlier. The days of looking in the Yellow Pages and hoping for the best are gone. When it comes to online reviews, the bad reviews stop people doing business with you, but on the other hand the good ones will encourage them. From a prospective client’s point of view, it’s always helpful to see other people singing your praises as it gives them a confidence boost.
  5. Do they offer a Guarantee? You can’t really beat a money back guarantee as an incentive to buy. That’s why reputable pest control companies will offer one. They have total confidence in their ability to get the job done properly, and are prepared to put their reputation (and profit) on the line to prove it.

Who are Abate?

Abate Pest Management is an independent privately-owned pest management company, and winners of Small Company of the Year for 2019 at the British Pest Management Awards. With more than 20 years’ experience in the pest control industry, we are well placed to take care of all your commercial pest control requirements, from emergency callouts to long-term commercial pest control contracts.

‘As an AA Grade BRC approved business it is essential that we have a reliable and effective pest control company taking care of the site. After just a couple of weeks, I already have complete confidence in the service being provided which means I can leave Abate to do what they do best and get on with other work.’  Jane Bull, Johnston Logistics UK

Why Choose Us?

There are several good reasons to choose Abate as your pest control partner. There are our professionally trained and DBS checked staff and our £10 million public and products liability insurance. There are also our ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, our ISO 45001 occupational health management systems, and our CHAS and SafeContractor accreditations.  But the best reason to choose us is because we are professionals who will get the job done right, and that’s exactly what your business needs.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. To learn more just call us on 0800 980 9767. We’re always happy to help and give advice.