Pest Control in Schools

Pest Control in schools is very important and hygiene is vital, but pest infestations can cause distress and disruption while affecting the reputation of your school.

Abate Pest Management tackles any pest issue you may face, whether on a one-off basis or through an annual pest management contract. The education sector is a growth area for us and we service over 100 pest control contracts in schools throughout the Eastern region, plus receive emergency call outs for non-contracted sites on a regular basis.

At Abate, we understand how to keep students and staff safe and buildings pest-free using the latest pest control techniques. All our pest technicians are DBS checked and attend regular training sessions, both internal and external, such as the British Pest Association, to ensure they are always up to date with the latest techniques available in pest control.

In line with the British Pest Control Association best practice, we identify preventative environmental issues first, such as proofing and any hygiene requirements. We always use non-toxic monitoring baits unless there is identified activity in which case we switch to rodenticides until the problem is cleared.

The most common pest control issues for schools generally relate to food. Rats and mice can be attracted to food that is stored on the premises and cockroaches can become a problem for any school that has a food service area. Another issue typical relates to food waste and crumbs that are dropped by students, which will attract rodents, ants, and other pests. Flies are also a problematic pest which we manage using different techniques. We also install and maintain electronic fly killing units and prevent flies from entering buildings and classrooms with fly screens and curtains.

Outside we monitor and maintain the school boundaries, keeping unwanted pests out! During the different seasons, we are also busy with wasp nests, bee swarm removal, moles and ants.

In general, most schools, academy groups, colleges or universities have pest control contracts in place, so that issues are dealt with before they can get out of control.

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