Commercial Insect Light Traps

At Abate Pest Management we supply commercial premises with highly effective Insect Light Traps or as some people know them as Electronic Fly Killing Units.

We recommend the highest quality of units that are safe and hygienic because they use UV light technology to attract insects and then trap them on a hidden glue board. This is instead of the high voltage killing grids that just zap flying insects depositing insect fragments and contaminated spores into the surrounding area.

These commercial insect light traps are specifically designed to offer effective fly control, especially for food-related industries. The units use a very effective glue board which cover the back and base of the unit, requiring replacement every 4 to 8 weeks depending on the environment. They also use shatter proof lamps to remove the risk of exploding glass.

These units are perfect for Food Processing Sites, Manufacturing Plants, Feed Mills, Hotel, Restaurants, Bars, Canteens, Supermarkets, Commercial Kitchens, Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists and Care Homes.

Genus® Viper – Special Price of £170 plus VAT & Delivery

Combining high performance with versatility, the Genus® Viper provides a choice of mounting location, ensuring all application requirements are satisfied.

Fitted with two 15 W shatter proof lamps, Genus® Viper attracts flies into the UV light and onto the glue board unit.

The key benefits of the Genus® Viper

  • Quick and easy, both-hands free servicing
  • Available as a glue board catcher unit
  • Freestanding, wall-mounted or ceiling suspended installation options


Genus® Cobra – Special Price of £217 plus VAT & Delivery

The Genus® Cobra is the first insect light trap to utilise Brandenburg’s Translucent Technology™, which enables it to catch more flies faster while using less electricity. This is a premium insect light trap optimised for greater UV light propagation.

Maximised UVA output, along with easy servicing and low running costs, have made the Genus Cobra a reliable standard in the insect control industry.

Proven in laboratory tests, Translucent Technology™ makes Genus® Cobra™ the most effective flying insect control unit of its kind, consistently outperforming competitor units by offering more than twice the UVA light output.

The Translucent Technology Cobra costs much less to run than most models on the market today.

Add to this the increased light output from TT, up to 10 times in some cases, you can reduce the number of units required by over 50%, while still increasing food safety. Due to the high tech electronics in Cobra, it also produces over 50% less carbon than a similar unit.

The Genus® CobraTM’s translucent cover and internal reflector panels give ‘all-round’ UVA transmission and fewer blind spots for a larger UVA footprint and maximum attraction area. It is even effective against smaller, hard to catch species like Fruit Flies.

In public areas, Genus® CobraTM provides silent, discreet, out of sight control with Translucent cover complementing any décor.

For back of house locations, the 45 Watt lamps and the IP45 certified Genus® CobraTM JET unit for wet-wash areas makes it the ideal solution in any operating area.

  • Translucent Technology™ catches more flies, faster – 260% more flies after 30 minutes (Compared to a conventional non-translucent unit of similar power).
  • Optional IP45 rated unit for use in wet & wash-down areas
  • Quick-release front cover for fast & easy servicing
  • Low running costs and reduced CO2 emissions
  • HACCP compliant glue board system with large catch area
  • Easy access ‘hands-free’ servicing and wipe-down cleaning ensure continuous assured control and smart, hygienic appearance at all times.

We can just supply, supply and fit and maintain your Commercial Insect Light Traps. Please get in touch for more information or to place an order by calling us on 0800 980 9767 or email