Cambridge College Receives Bird Control Makeover

A college in Cambridge has had new bird proofing measures installed by Abate Pest Management.

The work involved implementing new bird spiking and gel pots to the leading edges and guttering to prevent the perching of birds. Prior to the project completion, birds were landing and creating mess below and on the buildings.

Scaffold was erected to allow safe access by the team of technicians. Like with most bird control projects we first completed a detailed clean down of existing guano. An activator, primer and adhesive were all used to fix the spikes to the ledges.

Bird spikes are recommended by the RSPB as one of the best long-term methods of bird proofing buildings. The pins of the spikes act as a visual and physical barrier so the birds can no longer gain access to the ledge to perch on it, moving them on to other more accessible areas.

Gel systems are another physical barrier to discourage birds from landing on your building. The gel is applied to ledges and ridges. To the birds, the gel feels unpleasant and unstable and this discourages then from perching.