First BPCA CPD certificate of excellence awarded to Abate employee

Abate Pest Management is extremely proud to announce that Carl Hoult, Operations Manager has been awarded the first ever ‘Outstanding CPD Assignment Certificate of Excellence’ by the British Pest Management Association (BPCA).

BPCA CPD Assignments

Earlier this year, the BPCA released a series of new downloadable CPD assignments, giving pest controllers the opportunity to research and write about a topic in order to earn valuable CPD points.

BPCA’s technical team marks the assignments and the best ones are given a certificate of excellence, as a way of recognising the hard work that has gone into them.
Carl said that he was ‘chuffed’ to receive the first ever outstanding certificate. He said: “I thought the idea behind the BPCA assignments was very good, as I have always been a big promoter of self-improvement and education in the workplace.

Improved Understanding of Pest Management

The BPCA’s CPD assignments are designed for pest control workers who are looking to improve their knowledge and understanding of pest management subjects. Carl’s subject was the edible dormouse or fat dormouse (Glis glis), which is a large dormouse and the only living species in the genus Glis, found in most of western Europe.

Carl added: “In all honesty, except doing the BPCA’s quiz on Glis glis a few months ago, I didn’t really know anything else about the edible dormouse. In East Anglia, we just don’t get any as their presence is non-existent in our area to my knowledge. This made the project far more enjoyable, as I needed to learn about the whole issue: why they are a pest; what are methods of treatment; is there any additional legislation surrounding them, and so on.”

"We created these assignments to help give pest professionals more variety in their CPD learning experiences. We were really pleased with how enthusiastically people responded to the assignments, putting in a lot of effort to submit some brilliant work. A well-deserved congratulations to Carl for being awarded our first certificate of excellence. We’re really looking forward to seeing the submissions for our next CPD assignment.
Karen Dawes, BPCA Training Manager