Preventing gulls nesting for the right reasons

At Abate Pest Management we specialise in providing solutions for effective bird nesting prevention and management for buildings, especially those that have plant rooms.

On this commercial property in Norwich, if gulls would have nested, service engineers attending the plant room would very likely be attacked if the gulls had young. In addition, engineers would also disturb the chicks and distress the mother if they could nest.

By netting in and meshing the base of the plant room this alleviates all the above concerns or situations that could arise.

Our standard operating process would be to first conduct a full survey and identify a solution which best works for the building, people and the birds. We then implement the solution which generally commences with a full clean of the area using disinfectants and the removing any existing guano, which we dispose of under our upper tier waste disposal license.

If you have issues with birds, we offer a survey. Please contact us via 01953 603390 or email