Abate Pest Management Works on 14th century church

Abate Pest Management successfully carried out bird clearing and proofing works at a church close to Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. The tower and the nave of the church both date from the turn of the 14th century.

Abate is becoming the company of choice when it comes to working in churches, it follows several projects around specialist cleaning and proofing to protect these amazing buildings.

The issues found at this location were down to Pigeons entering the church which created lots of mess on woodwork, masonry and the bells in the tower.

Abate added special gel pots to the ledges, removed old damaged mesh and spikes and replaced with new.

Gel systems perform like a physical barrier to discourage birds from landing on the building. The gel is contained in pots which are applied to ledges and ridges. To the birds, the gel is a visual deterrent and discourages them from perching.

In addition, Abate commissioned the making of a replica door made from reclaimed oak to stop new pigeons entering the church.