As BRC pest control specialists, Abate can provide the high standard of pest control required,
to help you achieve and retain your BRC accredited status.

  • Extensive BRC Standard Pest Control Experience – Abate have been providing Pest Management Services for over 24 years
  • Fully Evidenced Pest Control Contacts, with BRC Standard Audit Trail
  • Highly Experienced In-House Field Biologists & Level 3 Pest Control Technicians
  • Annual Field Biologist Pre-Audit Visits to Identify Any Areas of Non-Compliance Before a BRC Audit
  • BPCA Member, CEPA Certified, CHAS Accredited, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001

As BRC pest control specialists, Abate can provide the high standard of pest control required, to help you achieve and retain your BRC accredited status.

If you are looking to achieve BRC accreditation for your business or are already BRC accredited and need to ensure you stay compliant, Abate can help. Operating for over 24 years, if you need a reliable, BRC experienced pest control provider in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire or the East of England, Abate can help.

We provide a contracted and an emergency call out pest control service for rodents and insects and deliver specific projects for bird proofing, fly screen installation and servicing, woodworm treatment and specialist hygiene work.

We provide pest management solutions for businesses with, or working towards achieving the following:

  • BRC Global Standard for
    Food Safety

  • BRC Global Standard for
    Packaging & Packaging Materials

  • BRC Global Standard for
    Storage & Distribution


BRC stand for, British Retail Consortium, which is a trade association in the UK, for retail businesses. The British Retail Consortium BRC accreditation is a global standard for food safety, known more commonly as BRC global standards or BRCGS, is a product and process certification standard known for compliance to industry best practices.

The global food safety initiative, gives retailers peace of mind that food products they choose to stock, have been manufactured, handled, stored, and transported in a safe and hygienic way, throughout the supply chain.

BRCGS certification is internationally recognised as a mark of food safety and quality. While is it not compulsory for businesses to join the scheme, most big supermarkets and retailers that sell food, will only use businesses with the appropriate BRC accreditation in their supply chain.

One of the main areas of BRC compliance, is ensuring that adequate pest control measures are in place. The BRC pest control standard state 'the whole site shall have an effective preventive pest management programme in place to minimise the risk of infestation and there shall be the resources available to respond rapidly to any issues which occur to prevent risk to products.'

This means that in order to be compliant with the BRCGS, you must engage a professional and competent pest control company, who can implement an effective pest prevention programme and deal with any active pest issues quickly and efficiently, should they occur.


While ensuring that you engage a pest control company that is capable of implementing an appropriate and effective level of pest control provision, when it comes to BRC accreditation, it is equally as important that the pest control measures that they implement, are also evidenced properly, with a comprehensive audit trail.

This part of the service is essential but unfortunately, unless they are highly experienced in providing pest control to BRC accredited businesses, many pest control companies are unable to deliver on this particular element sufficiently. This means that even if a business has an outstanding level of physical pest control provision in place, they can still end up having their BRC certification downgraded or even taken away, if they are unable to produce the correct paperwork.

Abate BRC Paperwork


At Abate we understand the very specific needs of different food industry sectors and which pests in particular, can pose a threat to different food products and environments. We have been providing pest management for food manufacturers, processors, wholesalers, distributors & retailers for over 24 years. With a professional approach and unrivalled knowledge of pest management applications and long-term prevention programmes in the food sector, you can rely on Abate to keep you BRCGS compliant.

Our experienced pest control technicians and field biologists, have a thorough understanding of the rigorous audit processes and high standards of safety and hygiene that are required to maintain BRC certification. We will carry out site audits and risk assessments before implementing a bespoke pest control and prevention service, fully compliant with the current BRC accreditation pest control standard.

We have extensive experience in the implementation of BRC standard pest management programmes, from food processing and storage, to supply chain and distribution. Working to best practices, as your pest control contractor, we will ensure that your business not only has an appropriate pest control and prevention programme in place, but that you also have a comprehensive audit trail to fully document the programme, to BRC requirements.


Abate Pest Management provides pest management and pest prevention services to businesses throughout Norfolk, Cambridge and the East of England. An independent, privately-owned pest management company, we have been providing pest management and control solutions, for over 24 years.

The team at Abate are passionate about customer care and delivering a high quality service, while working to best practices and following health and safety legislation. Our qualified and experienced technicians are experts at both implementing robust pest prevention measures and dealing with active pest infestations, quickly and effectively.

Abate Pest Management are members of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) and CEPA (Confederation of European Pest Management Association), as well as being CHAS Accredited and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 certified. So you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands with Abate as your pest control contractor.

Unlike the majority of UK pest control companies, we have our own in-house field biologists and level 3 pest technicians. Additionally, all of our technicians are trained and certified to BPCA and/or RSPH standards as well as being trained further in more specialist areas.


We deliver comprehensive pest and bird control and prevention services for BRC & SALSA accredited companies
across the East of England, using the following process:
1. Contact

Call or email us to discuss your BRC accreditation status and pest control requirements.

2. Survey

We will arrange a survey at a time convenient for you and provide a quote for an ongoing BRC standard pest control contract for your business.

3. Treatment

The BPCA certified technicians at Abate will regularly visit your premises to implement your BRC standard pest control programme & issue the required reports and paperwork.

4. Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee should we fail to eradicate a pest problem.